What's the Hurry

What's the Hurry was Kathys first book. Over 10 years since publication it is more relevant today than it was when first released. How do we slow the pace of this rushed and hurried world? How do we reclaim childhood as a unique and highly important time in the lifespan that requires time, consideration, child paced rather than adult paced lives?

Do we really need devices for babies to watch iphones and ipads when they are 6 months of age? Do all babies and toddlers need to be in 3 or 4 extra curricula activities every week?

Do we consider that the rise in anxiety, mental illness, depression, may relate to how disconnected we are becoming as a society?

Childhood and how it is lived, sets the foundation for most of what will come in the future. This book provides critical thinking for society, educators and parents about indeed, What's the Hurry and let's Reclaim Childhood before it is all too late.